Jhilmil Breckenridge talks extensively about RECLAMATION SONG, poetry, mental health and more in a detailed interview with Shelly Bhoil in Setu, a bilingual journal published from Pittsburgh, USA.

I am currently working on editing a version of ‘Reclamation Song’ for the UK market; it has been accepted by a poetry publisher, and I am working on tightening it up, adding some work, perhaps removing some very India-centric work, which may not speak to a global audience. In addition, I continue to write and read constantly. There are two themes I may try and put a collection together for soon — one is a collection of my nature poems, and the other is poems that reflect on the theme that can you be a mother if your sons are not around, that does the absence of children stop you from being maternal or being a mother.
Read the complete interview, Metamorphosizing Problems into Potential through Poetry, in Setu.

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