Mirai5Afifa Kauser reviews Namrata Pathak’s That’s How Mirai Eats a Pomegranate in The Thumb Print – A magazine from the East:

Every time you read the book, not only you unearth new shades and hues, but each poem conjures up a chunk of emotion, sharp and familiar. It is a dream packed in a few lines; the rhymes and metaphors, often unusual, twine grace with raw, earthy beauty. The poetry collection covers a range of topics, such as the dismay and desolation of a young wife in the ‘fish woman,’ the monotony of a professor and the day to day ‘mundane routine’ that binds her, the aches of loneliness of a lover whose beloved is no more, the disrupted ties between a mother and a daughter, reconstruction of writers like Celan, Marquez and Robin Ngangom and the eventual erasure of the boundary between life and art, to mention a few.

Read the complete interview in The Thumb Print.

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