When Madhu and I decided to work on ‘Make Me Some Love To Eat’ in October 2016, we did it with a sense of adventure (it was the third book from i write imprint and we were still learning; we still are) — we had no time worry about marketing and publicity. We just wanted to have a book we could both be proud of. One year later, I am still surprised how the book found its own wings without our help. Madhu being Madhu, of course, was an advantage. We had three editions in one year, each one with new covers (to the contestation of the author; we are still arguing over it!), and I can safety claim that we have sold at least 3oo copies (maybe a little more, I am not sure).

Now, we have a review of ‘Make Me Some Love To Eat’ in the Hyderabad edition of New Indian Express by the wonderful Saima Afreen, an accomplished poet herself. Sometimes love surprises you.


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