(Post 1 of 4)/ 2018 begun well, if not personally, for this little venture called i write imprint (now renamed Red River) that I started in a whim. Now it has assumed a life of its own and I feel like a proud father teaching his firstborn how to take baby steps. 

The first recognition came in 31 December 2017, when Sudeep Sen very generously included three of our books  — Uttaran Das Gupta’s Visceral Metropolis, Paresh Tiwari’s Raindrops Chasing Raindrops and my translations of Sananta Tanty’s poems — in this massive and multifaceted list of ‘Best Books of the Year’ in The Asian Age. Sudeep-da has always been unduly kind to me, but to be a part of this list, among the best of the year, was something else, a privilege. It gives me the confidence; perhaps I am doing something right.

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