Visceral-Metropolis Cover

Maaz Bin Bilal writes about Visceral Metropolis in The Hindu BussinessLine/BLink

Uttaran Das Gupta’s verse is conversational and deals with the everyday of urban Indian landscapes and the hopes and thoughts of their citizens with an insight and a formalistic command that are rare. He writes in unobtrusive rhymes, in simple yet masterful patterns, at a time when free verse is a fad. The effect is remarkable, especially when the reader realises to her surprise that the flowing dialogues, often of lovers, are in fact written in rhyming verse, even as they carry the ease of a convivial evening spent with one’s (somewhat learned) partner in a Delhi barsati. For Das Gupta’s poems are most often about Delhi, his Visceral Metropolis; at other times, they can be about Kolkata. Always, they retain the same vivid imagery, the same easy tone.

Read the complete review, A city of awry angles, in The Hindu Business Line.

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